VFX Professional/Creative Utility Infielder
in Film & Themed Entertainment

What Do I Bring To The Job?

The Summary is–Fast learner with a demonstrated talent for creativity and adaptability to a rapidly changing work environment. Proven record of success in demanding VFX leadership roles.
Detail oriented.
But I’m more than that.
I’m a team player and a problem solver.
I like implementing good ideas as much as I like brainstorming them.
I like creating the look and the story that drives things.

All of these skills come from a foundational ability to communicate; directly to an audience, client, or between artists, programmers and management.

I can determine, not what they *say* they want, but the much more important:  What they really want to achieve.

Shall we talk about what I can do for you?

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What are you trying to achieve?

What Have I Done?

OK, here’s my reel. Not solely supervised stuff, but things I actually hands on worked on and created the looks for. More stuff to be added as it gets shown.
But aside from my time creating Visual Effects, I’m involved in a lot of creative projects to keep my skills up.
I think is critical for future-proofing myself.

If you’re thinking, “He doesn’t know X,” I can learn it.
I can learn anything.
Not a boast, but a promise.
And I can tell the story you want to tell; written or visually.

Are you ready to hear more?

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I can tell your story
In multiple mediums

Anything Else?

“Hard sell. Does the guy do anything else?”  Sure!

I love sci-fi and Star Wars sent me into Visual Effects.

I love to studying theming and seeing attractions work.

James Turrell is my favorite artist.

I’ve been to Petra, Ankor Wat and chased out of Pokhara, Nepal by Maoist rebels.

I think Matt Smith was one of the best Doctors.

I love building LEGO sets with my kids.

LACMA’s Japanese Pavilion is one of my favorite places in the world.

Let’s make good things happen.

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I'm capable of a lot when given the opportunity

My Blog

A place to gather my thoughts, and post ideas and examples of written work

Bernie Su at Transmedia LA–Monetizing Transmedia Story

I visited Nextspace’s Culver City location for a Transmedia LA event last night featuring Bernie Su, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Emmy winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved.

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Life After Pi–A Documentary on the last days of R&H

Life After Pi–A Documentary on the last days of R&H

Hollywood Ending: A Documentary Detailing Why the Movie Capital of the World is Forcing Filmmakers to Leave‘s first part, “Life After Pi” covering the demise of Rhythm and Hues, is now out.

I didn’t need to watch it, as I am living it after 14 and a half years at R&H, but I did anyway.

It does a good job of raising some of the important issues effecting all companies and workers in the visual effects industry through the lens of the implosion at Rhythm.

Read more

“Magnificent Monarchs” Part III–Wrapup

Postmortem time: Some nice feedback on my writing sample, as well as some good pointers to a few samples out there already I missed before.

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Attraction sample: “Magnificent Monarchs”, Part II

In “The Magic School Bus: Magnificent Monarchs”, guests will follow the life cycle and migration of the Monarch Butterfly between Canada and Mexico, narrated by Ms. Frizzle and the students from Scholastic Books “The Magic School Bus” series of books and TV shows. Riders will fly on a Magic School bus of their own through scenes of the butterflies’ metamorphosis and generational travel across North America.

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I can do hands-on creative & tech
or supervise the team that does

Contact Me

Yeah, this is pretty sales-y.   Not because I think I'm the greatest thing ever, but because I think my best work is still to come.   I can help design the next great Themed Experience.   I can still do much more.

I'd love to talk to you about what I can do on YOUR team.   How I can get up to speed and really make things better for you.

And thanks for reading all the way down to here.    

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