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State of the VFX industry article for Geek Speak TV

Last June, Geek Speak TV asked me to write something on the current mess of the vfx industry:

“Film Visual Effects: Hollywood Gets Billions, Professionals Get Pink Slips”

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My Blog

I’ll be sharing thoughts on Themed Entertainment and VFX, and doing writing and pitch samples, here at

Check it out!

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DC Comics Justice League ride pitch

I did this pitch for Steve Alcorn’s Imagineering class as a warm up. I enjoyed the class and the people in the forums are coming up with some neat stuff.

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Story and Sriracha

I love Sriracha and I love the concept of Story.

Post SATE, I  having a lunch chat with my friend Dave about Story in Themed Entertainment.   Your Story can be a way to connect with your market, a mission statement at the core of your large scale business decisions, or a guide to project decision making [continued…]

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