Story and Sriracha

I love Sriracha and I love the concept of Story.

Post SATE, I  having a lunch chat with my friend Dave about Story in Themed Entertainment.   Your Story can be a way to connect with your market, a mission statement at the core of your large scale business decisions, or a guide to project decision making in a small group.   Themed Entertainment is one of those places that just gets Story, and has perhaps from the beginning.  Other places are catching on, some faster than others.  Some are discovering it as a totally foreign and novel concept to they way they operate.

On my way to lunch, NPR was running a story about Sriracha, this new sauce sweeping the nation.  We laughed when I brought it up, because it seemed like it’s been around us forever and now everyone else is just discovering it.  To us it’s been a gem to be used on a wide variety of dishes, and experimented with regularly.  He dropped it in a soup he ordered and I added it to my sweet potato fries.   Worked well with both, bringing out qualities in the food that weren’t there before.

In many ways, Sriracha is like Story.  And like LA locals, Themed Entertainment pros have known about this gem for quite awhile, and getting it out to the masses.

And we both agreed:  Use liberally for best effect.