L.H.S. Bikeshed–Spaceship sim in a motorhome

tumblr_mlcoxi754g1s74tq9o1_1280 A spaceship LARP sim built into a camper.  All actual hardware components, built by “amateurs”, with two GMs running the sim.  Described as part BSG Raptor, part Trek shuttle, part Starbug.  Had me sold just on that description alone.  Not sure I’d ever leave it if I got into one.

Watch the entire video; it’s well worth it to see it all in action, and a crew actually trying to complete a mission.  It’s the type of social interactions most GMs only dream of happening in their games.

Every bit from the hardware controls and “wiring” that might need to be fixed during a mission, to the individual UI controls are well done.  You can tell the creators have invested thousands of hours (and probably pounds into it).

On that note, I’m looking forward to seeing what evolves from Starship Artemis‘ show controller connections; there’s no reason why that multi-station space sim couldn’t be used to interface actual hardware in a similar way, integrating similar GM controls.  I’m sure people are working on it and it’s only a matter of time.

Now I know issues of throughput of people versus staff and maintenance costs don’t really make this a cost effective project to deploy in a LBE or theme park (I remember Battletech Centers, their demise <b>and</b> many the reasons why), but I still <b>love</b> every bit of it and wish there were more things like this out there.

Mostly just for me to play in.

SU&SD Play… L.H.S. BikeshedSU&SD Play… L.H.S. Bikeshed

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