I Want Good, for Cheap and Fast….

A current conversation reminded me of a commercial I was on where the client asked for “Pixar quality” on their very limited schedule and budget.

The client asked for a fully animated photoreal Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor talking about their product as the camera flew around her.

What we never had the nerve to tell them was, “You’ll get Pixar quality, if Pixar had this budget and this schedule.”

Almost everyone starts with the idea they are going to do their best work, but the adage “Fast, Cheap, Good–pick two,” sets in. Every project gets checked by reality. Businesses don’t intend to sluff off a project, or else they’re not around long, but every decision is a balance of those three factors.

Plenty of places will show you what they can do for your budget.  The best can impress you with what they can pull off. But if you’re a client asking for “Pixar quality”, but for little to no money, you’re waving a giant red flag to anyone who might work with you. You’re probably starting out on the wrong foot from day one.

Keep that in mind.