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LEGO Architecture Studio

I highly recommend LEGO Architecture Studio to anyone who is interested in how spaces shape human interactions. The book is great, and the idea behind it as a learning tool is even better. Nice for kids and adults.

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See Mars!

A morning exercise, based two WPA “See America” posters for Montana, inspired by Acker and Blackers’s The Thrilling Adventure Hour

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Museum Sleepover Stories

Museum sleepovers are quite the thing now days, and I think they’re a great way to increase engagement of young museum goers. Kids especially are exposed to learning from a different angle. Simply, more time at the place equals more immersion, and more chances for learning to stick.

But that immersion could be so much more.

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Tuition Costs & Gov. Support via The Atlantic

RE: Futureproofing and R&D:

Undergrad tuition across the US is $62.6 Billion dollars, and the government spends $69 on tax breaks and grants.

The Atlantic makes a strong argument that we should just give that money straight to the schools, and drop tuition costs dramatically.

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Futureproofing and the R&D Dilemma

At the last TEA mixer the topic of Research and Development and preparing for the future came up, and I had a good discussion with some folks about where advances actually come from.

The cutting edge never comes from clients, and only comes from setting aside time for R&D and explorations, preferably outside the confines of a job entirely.

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via NPR-“In Gaming, A Shift From Enemies To Emotions”

NPR notes the increasing trend of storytelling in gaming:

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I Want Good, for Cheap and Fast….

A current conversation reminded me of a commercial I was on where the client asked for “Pixar quality” on their very limited schedule and budget.

The client asked for a fully animated photoreal Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor talking about their product as the camera flew around her.

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In The Same Boat vs Last Man Standing

I’ve joined a trade group from Themed Entertainment, the TEA as I’m doing media consulting on a few interactive projects,and my long term goal, is to work at a design place helping come up with attractions. My background in VFX is my starting point to learn the details of the field.

Attending TEA networking mixers, people often ask me about the VFX industry, and how comparable it is to what I’ve seen in Themed Entertainment.

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Dave Cobb’s “Cosplay Colonists”

My friend David C. Cobb just put up the talk he gave at SATE (a conference on Storytelling, Architecture, Technology and Experience I was lucky enough to go to) in October. It’s smart stuff, well worth *any* creative persons’ read.

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LARPy New Year!

Had a great New Years party chat with my friend Aaron Vanek (Editor of the Wyrd Con 2013 Companion Book just out *now*) about LARPs, gamification, Kickstarter fulfillment, transmedia storytelling, intellectual property and a bunch of other subjects, all in 2 hours.

It was a fast 2, and I could have done 10 more easily.

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