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“Magnificent Monarchs” Part III–Wrapup

Postmortem time: Some nice feedback on my writing sample, as well as some good pointers to a few samples out there already I missed before.

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Attraction sample: “Magnificent Monarchs”, Part II

In “The Magic School Bus: Magnificent Monarchs”, guests will follow the life cycle and migration of the Monarch Butterfly between Canada and Mexico, narrated by Ms. Frizzle and the students from Scholastic Books “The Magic School Bus” series of books and TV shows. Riders will fly on a Magic School bus of their own through scenes of the butterflies’ metamorphosis and generational travel across North America.

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Attraction sample- “The Magic School Bus: Magnificent Monarchs”, Part I

As a writing exercise, I wanted to create a moderate throughput dark ride, with medium-level technical requirements, not based on existing IP, where the trope of “something goes horribly wrong” isn’t he driving force behind the events of the ride.

A C-ticket family attraction with a wide appeal.

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A View to a Thrill–Themed Entertainment and Bond Films

I’m an unabashed James Bond fan. Any entertainment to last 50 years is pretty special, and 23 films is quite a milestone for UK movies.

I’ve been revisiting them thanks to the James Bonding podcast, and it started making me think about how Themed Entertainment is like James Bond films.

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Museum Sleepover Stories

Museum sleepovers are quite the thing now days, and I think they’re a great way to increase engagement of young museum goers. Kids especially are exposed to learning from a different angle. Simply, more time at the place equals more immersion, and more chances for learning to stick.

But that immersion could be so much more.

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Futureproofing and the R&D Dilemma

At the last TEA mixer the topic of Research and Development and preparing for the future came up, and I had a good discussion with some folks about where advances actually come from.

The cutting edge never comes from clients, and only comes from setting aside time for R&D and explorations, preferably outside the confines of a job entirely.

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In The Same Boat vs Last Man Standing

I’ve joined a trade group from Themed Entertainment, the TEA as I’m doing media consulting on a few interactive projects,and my long term goal, is to work at a design place helping come up with attractions. My background in VFX is my starting point to learn the details of the field.

Attending TEA networking mixers, people often ask me about the VFX industry, and how comparable it is to what I’ve seen in Themed Entertainment.

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Dave Cobb’s “Cosplay Colonists”

My friend David C. Cobb just put up the talk he gave at SATE (a conference on Storytelling, Architecture, Technology and Experience I was lucky enough to go to) in October. It’s smart stuff, well worth *any* creative persons’ read.

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DC Comics Justice League ride pitch

I did this pitch for Steve Alcorn’s Imagineering class as a warm up. I enjoyed the class and the people in the forums are coming up with some neat stuff.

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Story and Sriracha

I love Sriracha and I love the concept of Story.

Post SATE, I  having a lunch chat with my friend Dave about Story in Themed Entertainment.   Your Story can be a way to connect with your market, a mission statement at the core of your large scale business decisions, or a guide to project decision making [continued…]

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