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Bernie Su at Transmedia LA–Monetizing Transmedia Story

I visited Nextspace’s Culver City location for a Transmedia LA event last night featuring Bernie Su, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Emmy winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved.

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You Should Know That Voice

John DiMaggio and his team have written a love letter to his industry, in the wonderful documentary I Know That Voice.

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LEGO Architecture Studio

I highly recommend LEGO Architecture Studio to anyone who is interested in how spaces shape human interactions. The book is great, and the idea behind it as a learning tool is even better. Nice for kids and adults.

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Tuition Costs & Gov. Support via The Atlantic

RE: Futureproofing and R&D:

Undergrad tuition across the US is $62.6 Billion dollars, and the government spends $69 on tax breaks and grants.

The Atlantic makes a strong argument that we should just give that money straight to the schools, and drop tuition costs dramatically.

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LARPy New Year!

Had a great New Years party chat with my friend Aaron Vanek (Editor of the Wyrd Con 2013 Companion Book just out *now*) about LARPs, gamification, Kickstarter fulfillment, transmedia storytelling, intellectual property and a bunch of other subjects, all in 2 hours.

It was a fast 2, and I could have done 10 more easily.

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My Blog

I’ll be sharing thoughts on Themed Entertainment and VFX, and doing writing and pitch samples, here at

Check it out!

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