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Games for Impact–Can games positivity affect society? And how can you help?

Can games, “be entertaining, engaging, and also something more: educational, enlightening, and perhaps even designed to motivate action”?

We know so, but now even the White House thinks so.

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L.H.S. Bikeshed–Part II

What makes this project even more amazing, is that they’ve open-sourced all the code for it at GitHub.

The project uses Unity, with Blender for asset generation, and controls Arduino hardware.

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L.H.S. Bikeshed–Spaceship sim in a motorhome

A spaceship LARP sim built into a camper. All actual hardware components, built by “amateurs”, two GMs running the sim. Described as part BSG Raptor, part Trek shuttle, part Starbug. Had me sold just on that description alone.

Not sure I’d ever leave it.

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LARPy New Year!

Had a great New Years party chat with my friend Aaron Vanek (Editor of the Wyrd Con 2013 Companion Book just out *now*) about LARPs, gamification, Kickstarter fulfillment, transmedia storytelling, intellectual property and a bunch of other subjects, all in 2 hours.

It was a fast 2, and I could have done 10 more easily.

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