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Bernie Su at Transmedia LA–Monetizing Transmedia Story

I visited Nextspace’s Culver City location for a Transmedia LA event last night featuring Bernie Su, Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the Emmy winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved.

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A View to a Thrill–Themed Entertainment and Bond Films

I’m an unabashed James Bond fan. Any entertainment to last 50 years is pretty special, and 23 films is quite a milestone for UK movies.

I’ve been revisiting them thanks to the James Bonding podcast, and it started making me think about how Themed Entertainment is like James Bond films.

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Museum Sleepover Stories

Museum sleepovers are quite the thing now days, and I think they’re a great way to increase engagement of young museum goers. Kids especially are exposed to learning from a different angle. Simply, more time at the place equals more immersion, and more chances for learning to stick.

But that immersion could be so much more.

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via NPR-“In Gaming, A Shift From Enemies To Emotions”

NPR notes the increasing trend of storytelling in gaming:

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Dave Cobb’s “Cosplay Colonists”

My friend David C. Cobb just put up the talk he gave at SATE (a conference on Storytelling, Architecture, Technology and Experience I was lucky enough to go to) in October. It’s smart stuff, well worth *any* creative persons’ read.

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Story and Sriracha

I love Sriracha and I love the concept of Story.

Post SATE, I  having a lunch chat with my friend Dave about Story in Themed Entertainment.   Your Story can be a way to connect with your market, a mission statement at the core of your large scale business decisions, or a guide to project decision making [continued…]

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